01. Ethical Spirituality

Our ongoing conversation is about sharing where we are at and unpacking the intersection of culture, spirituality, conspiracy, politics, humanity week after week.


We recorded this episode on August 5th, 2021. As I am editing these conversations, I’m understanding more and more that some of them are going to take me a minute to be ready to publish, because they are raw and we are processing in real-time. We are touching on subjects that are best served to be shared in a timely manner, as we’re talking about relevant cultural happenings, but the deeply personal and vulnerable nature of them has to be honored. Having said that, it’s difficult for me to wrap my mind around the month that has passed between this recording and the publishing, and I can see that I did need to process some grief about Guru Jagat’s passing before I would be ready to share it. I only knew Guru Jagat in passing, as a student in one of her groups at the end of last year, but I learned a lot and being a part of her sphere was an important part of that time in my life. The number one thing I learned from my time in her sphere was the importance of learning as much from the flaws and weaknesses of our leaders as their strengths.

From this lesson, I have softened and found grace, forgiveness, and compassion for my role in choosing leaders who I felt harmed or took advantage of me.

I hope everyone who listens will engage with highest respect, no matter their own experience- positive or negative- with guru jagat or any other teacher. Thank you for listening.

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